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 PERFORMANCE     Czech Republic


Performances in Repertory  by  Laterna Magika    

The ensemble company presents six creations in repertory in their non-verbal style using pantomime and other visual elements. (See website for current performance schedule.)

Part I explores the common thread of imagination in different arts. Part II "tells a little story which, unfortunately, happens over and over again."

This performance will let you venture beneath the colorful surface of the modern characters and symbols, being part of the pulsing urban expansiveness. Let yourselves be drawn into dynamic image animation and modern choreography in human stories taking place underneath that surface.

A telling of Homer's The Odyssey in Laterna Magika's non-verbal style using pantomime and other visual elements.

The Trap
The theme of this show examines the attractiveness and dangers of the so called "virtual reality."

Wonderful Circus
Comedy fairy-tale about "good and evil, love and hate, strength and weakness, happiness and sadness and at last wisdom and the understanding of what is really important in life."

An interpretation of the life of Giacomo Casanova, legendary seducer of women.

Ongoing performances. See Program for upcoming dates. Prague 1 Laterna Magika theatre Website in Czech and English


 WORKSHOPS     United States (USA)        

Please see the FESTIVALS section for other workshops which are offered as part of particular festivals.


Mime Theatre Studio
2-Day Intensive Mime Theatre Workshop

Mime taught as a specialized art of the stage, through the classic and contemporary styles of the French masters Marcel Marceau, Etienne Decroux, and others. Curriculum includes Marceau technique and Corporeal Mime (Decroux technique), introduced through practical exercises, improvisation, discovery, lecture, and demonstration. Excellent training for mime artists, actors, dancers, storytellers, comedians, improvisors, and character animators.  For students age 17 to adult. (Younger students by special permission.)

Instructor: Lorin Eric Salm, graduate of the Marcel Marceau Paris International School of Mimodrama, performer, Hollywood movement coach, and Author/Administrator of The World of Mime Theatre.

Sundays April 29th & May 6th, 2018
12:00 noon - 6:30pm both days
Workshop includes both days
Early registration discount available until April 15th.

Call now to reserve your place!

12 hours instruction over two days
Space is limited  — Register Now!

Universal City, California
(Los Angeles area)

Information / Registration:
Tel. (310) 494-MIME
See Website for tuition and other details.


Chicago Weekend Workshops
"The Art of Modern Movement Theatre"
A Spontaneous Language, an Elaborate Craft: The Thinking Body Parts 1 & 2

The Thinking Body Part 1: This study will include gestural grammar, body articulation, counterweights, walks and displacement in space, figures of style, mobile statuary, and musicality of movement. Extracts of the repertoire of Etienne Decroux will be taught during the workshop to fully experience this unique modern mythology of movement theatre. Participants will also explore the infinite possibilities of drawing from this repertoire to create personal work.

The Thinking Body Part 2: A foundation Certificate Course. Designed for participants who have already followed The Thinking Body Part 1 in March 2017 or March 2018 and wish continue to improve their knowledge in the technique and repertoire of Corporeal Mime, created by the French Theatre Master Etienne Decroux. Professional / pre-professional actors, dancers, mimes and performers will work towards a foundation certificate course in Corporeal Mime by successfully completing 3 intensive training sessions throughout 2017 and 2018. (See website for full curriculum details.)

Instructors: Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum, of Théâtre de l'Ange Fou International School of Corporeal Mime.

The Thinking Body Part 1
March 24 & 25, 2018, 10am to 4pm

The Thinking Body Part 2
April 14 & 15, 2018, 10am to 4pm

Chicago, Illinois Location TBA For information about location, fees and enrolment please contact:
Scott Merchant at scottraymerchant@gmail.com
Théâtre de l'Ange Fou


The White Church Theatre Project
Intensive Summer School 2018: "The Thinking Body"

The White Church THEATRE Project Intensive Summer School 2017 is designed for the professional and pre-professional actors, dancers, mimes and performers wishing to give a physical reality to their own ideas. Corporeal Mime created by Etienne Decroux, is an innovative method and a precise technique focusing on the body and physical action in theatre. The Summer School will focus on the Repertoire of Etienne Decroux "A Modern Mythology" and the "Poetic Dramaturgy" in modern movement theatre. Instructors: Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum, of Théâtre de l'Ange Fou International School of Corporeal Mime.

July 9 - July 27, 2018
Monday through Friday, 10am to 2pm
Presentation of the Summer Intensive School Creative work:
Fri. July 27 at 7:00pm

Spring Green, Wisconsin Wyoming Valley Church,
6348 State Road 23
Spring Green, Wisconsin 53588
More Information / Registration:
E-mail: infoschool@angefou.co.uk
Tel: +1 (815) 441-8828
Théâtre de l'Ange Fou





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