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From collaboration on movement creation to training cast members in specialized character movement, we offer consulting tailored to your production.

If your stage production includes particular characters that have unusual physical demands, or your show calls for the whole cast to take a physically dramatic approach to your theatrical vision, we can work with individual actors or groups of performers to teach them and help them discover their dramatic physical expression.  If the director seeks expertise in helping to design difficult, unique, or innovative character movement that meets their artistic demands, we can consult on the research, creation, and/or implementation of this specialized work.

Today's live entertainment stretches far beyond the theatre stage to special events, amusement parks, resort-hotels, conventions, and more.  The bar has been raised on the level of skill and visual creativity a live performance must provide to attract audiences.  Live attractions based on other media such as motion pictures, comics, animation, or video games may require real-life re-creation of characters that were originated with the help of computers and special effects.  We can provide the expertise in theatrical movement necessary to bring these characters to life with live actors, helping them bring the visual excitement to their roles that audiences crave.  When
you don't want to settle for just actors who fit the costumes, we will help you create the acting that fits your show.

For more information on what MTS Consulting can do for your production, and for current rates, please contact us.






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