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The actor has only two means of expression: words and movement. A well-trained actor must master them both. Mime Theatre Studio's workshops in Mime for the Traditional Actor offer the actor awareness of, and control over, physical expression on stage or on screen. They teach what the body communicates alongside the words, in between them, and in their absence. This study addresses the physical aspects of character, emotion, psyche, and interaction.

This workshop is useful for professional or student actors of text-based work in theatre, film, or television.  The instruction can be tailored to participants from teenagers to adults, and is excellent as general skill building or for work on a particular production.

Concepts covered are selected form the following:

  • Stylization

  • Expressing the internal world (thought and emotion)

  • Physical relationship to the external world

  • The physical character

  • Endowment

  • From offstage to green screen: Acting in an artificial environment

Workshops can be conducted as a one-time event or as a series of several classes.  The minimum duration of a single meeting is one hour, although we highly recommend at least two hours at a time (especially for one-time workshops), as it can be difficult to cover a significant amount of material in less time.  The selection and number of concepts covered in your workshop will depend on the total number of hours allotted.

For more information on what MTS Mime workshops can do for your group, and for current rates, please contact us.


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