Movement coach Lorin Eric Salm conducts movement test during costume construction process. MOVEMENT DESIGN  Bringing the director's vision to the screen or stage often requires designing special movement for characters representing fictional cultures, alien species, mechanical creatures, zombies, animals, and more. Whether the characters are played by live actors, animatronic figures, or are CGI/animated, we collaborate on the movement design by assisting with concept, research, and/or creation. (For animated projects, also see our Character Movement for Animation Workshops.)
Movement coach Lorin Eric Salm coaching actors on set. COACHING TALENT  The casting process does not always find actors who have both the right face and the right skills for a role—especially when that role has special movement requirements. Actors playing aliens, robots, animals, and other non-human characters may need special movement coaching, as well as those playing different ages or bringing comic book, sci-fi, or fantasy heroes and villains to life. We work directly with the actors in rehearsal and/or on set, from one-on-one coaching of principals to groups of extras. And when a mime coach is needed, there's no one better in the industry.
Movement coach Lorin Eric Salm during performance capture session. GREEN SCREEN & MOTION CAPTURE  When the actor's job calls for working in an empty space, simulating interaction with non-present characters, objects, environments, and effects, we put our expertise in illusion, character creation, and physical expression to work. We coach actors in rehearsal or on set, consulting on which movements to use and how best to execute them with precision and for the desired effect.

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